Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Line Meme

This is doing the rounds, I saw it on Steph's blog and then again on Lili's and I thought I'd play too. I think it's pretty apparent what this meme is all about. Not included below is my current work in process because I am scrapping half of it (weak laughter) and rewriting the beginning. This is a good thing. No really.

Underneath the sound of the sea, the regular sigh of waves advancing and withdrawing, she is there.

The first time, it is late summer.

On the beach Jasper and Olivia dug deeper and deeper in the sand, until the bottom of their hole filled with seawater.

I sat on my unmade bed clutching a shoebox to my chest, looking around the unfamiliar room.

I spent the whole long drive to Indigo plugged into my ipod and texting Sooz.

6. THE HAUNTED LUNCHBOX (unpublished languishing WIP)
No one knew where it came from.

And finally LITTLE BIRD, for which I am going to cheat and put in a whole paragraph because it's new in the shops and I want to lure you all in and make you desperate to buy it:
I sat in the seat by the window looking out at the street. A little bird bounced along the pavement, pecking up invisible crumbs. It didn’t seem to care about the world around it – the street and buildings and people dashing by. It just hopped out of the way and kept pecking, as if it didn’t even know how small and crushable it was. The more I watched it, the more sure I became that someone would tread on it. A small child raced along the road, a big red-faced woman laden down with shopping bags lumbered after him. Suited men in heavy shoes and suited women in dangerous high heels hurried past the window. Two women walked side by side, pushing prams, and the bird looked a goner for sure under one of the wheels. A young guy loped, his head titled upwards, as if waiting for something to fall out of the sky. None of the passers-by seemed aware in the least of the little bird’s existence.

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  1. Lovely.

    *Steph runs out to shops to buy Little Bird*

    *after she's managed to get through all the other books she has to read*