Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mysterious, exciting

This arrived on our doorstep yesterday all the way from Japan. I have my suspicions who might have sent it (a certain Miss Kisses?) but it really is quite mysterious and I was baffled. I actually followed one incorrect lead already! Una loves it and so does Fred who thought it was Baby Jesus (I think her religious education is somewhat lacking) and now calls it the Angel Baby.
Anyway, thank you to the Angel who sent her, she is much loved (and soooo cute).


  1. So does she DO stuff, or is it all in the BEING?

  2. She is sound activated and she moves her head. Una worked it out pretty quick and shouts at her to do it and then shrieks with delight (which makes her do it again). Much shrieking and shouting and hilarity to be had.
    Though there's something slightly disturbing about Fred coming out of her room announcing 'Baby Jesus is awake.'

  3. Moi??

    Yup. She's a good listener I believe, just what every girl needs. Nods and shakes her head and listens to what you have to say.
    She's an Unazukin for Una, the special girl who shares her birthday with my special girl Asha.B. :)))))

    Enjoy, she's adorable. And the Unazukin is too. Though no religious affiliations as far as I know (she's based on a Russian doll - Babushka, so if anything perhaps Russian Orthodox??