Wednesday, October 11, 2006

She's kind of a living doll

Jenny Lewis I mean (Click on the link and you'll go to her gorgeous site where you can listen to her divine song, 'Rabbit Fur Coat'. I want to live in her website.) She reminds me of a Blythe doll - it's the fringe, the big eyes, the copper coloured, shining hair. As the bio on her website reads: "All that's missing from this package is the hiss and crackle of vinyl, a shoulder to lean or cry on, and a tall mug of something strong to sip slowly."
Anyway, since Dustykisses sent me this some time ago, the album, Rabbit Fur Coat, has been on fairly constant rotation for both Martin and I. I love it, it takes me places.
Don't know why I felt suddenly compelled to blog about her, but there you go. Blog happens I suppose.


  1. Oh she's wonderful. You'll have to listen to her band too .. Rilo Kiley very cute.
    also this:

  2. Oh yeah, just looked at the rilo kiley website - very cute. Seems a different kind of sound - is it?

  3. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Jenny Lewis is way cool. Rilo Kiley is kinda more full-band, less country/gospel, although there are a lot of similarities... and Jenny's lyrics and singing style are just as cool...