Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am trying to think of a new title for Rise, since the publishers agree with me that Rise isn't quite right...but now I have to think of something else...there's a growing list. Contenders so far include Sister, Shift, Drift and Stay. I like Stay. I think the publishers are leaning towards Sister, which is kind of perfect in context but I am not sure I like it as a title of a book...if you know what I mean. It might be a bit too girlie YA. Opinions are welcome. It's been Rise for so long for me that it's hard to think about it as anything else (and Rise is a great title - it just doesn't mean anything!)

I have to think of a title for my short story too - tomorrow's the last day to enter it in the Age short story competition. Perhaps I'll just call it Zack - that's always been my back up name for a boy in a I'll never hate it kind of a way. Zack the story. It's got a good ring. (It will actually probably be called Meadow. Or Boy. Or The Boy They Brought Home, but I think I nicked that from somewhere. John Marsden maybe. Yep. I could say it's an homage. And suddenly it occurs to me that it's a tad patronising that Marsden thinks he can write a how to book for single mothers, but what would I know?)