Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sick kids

It's been a while since I posted photos of my lovely children. We had a quiet day, but we did manage to go and look at a house in our househunting endeavors. We might even attempt to buy it. We also read books, watched Boobah (Una has just discovered tv and it must be Boobah, which is the weirdest show on earth, and only translatable if you are under five years old), ate chorzio sausage stew and rocky road ice cream and pep-o-mint lifessavers, and listened to Fred who hasn't vomited for many hours loudly planning her birthday from her bedroom where she is not asleep. Her birthday involves quite a lot of chocolate cake and jelly, so I'm thinking she must be feeling better. Except for the occasional visit from Pretend Elmo who is NOT a good monster, he is a BAD monster (and look, to be honest, the idea of an Elmo impostor frightens the hell out of me).
Anyway, children to follow, interestingly pale and rosecheeked with their respective lergies. Everyone wants to wear my hat. Una is the latest to steal it. Martin, briefly, was under the misapprehension that the hat was his. Our camera is, alas, on its way out. It has to be banged about rather a lot before it takes a photo rather than pink and black squiggly lines and all our photos look just a little bit fuzzy. Must buy new camera. Better buy house first.


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    The hat is mine ... MINE I tell you!

    (owner of the hat)

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Lovely to see the kids Penni, now I've bookmarked your site I can keep up to date! Miss our sometimes chats on OBP... Hugs, Fiona (aka Feebee or feegazza as I'm now known!).

  3. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! I've been having warm and happy thoughts about that house this morning. Good luck guys. :)
    Beautiful girls. Just beautiful.

  4. Your babies are adorable...

    Is Boobah that weird show with the flying shiny blobs on acid?

  5. yeah that's the one. I think they're meant to be space amoebas or something. Very trippy.

  6. Anonymous10:02 PM

    atoms. they are supposed to be atoms.

  7. Were going through the whole boobah faze with Joss too, normally she is so easily distracted but if she;s cranky she will sit there for the whole thing just staring at the strange creatures.

    The girls are growing up so fast.

    Buy the house! You deserve a home to love.