Thursday, July 12, 2007


Thanks everyone for your well-wishes.
I am currently wearing new boardies, using the tail end of Martin's cybersession (bank stuff) to sign in and say


Weather's great, wish you were here. Lots of beachy bliss out moments already had and another 9 days to go - Hurrah!!

Back on the 21st. Love yas all.


Jnaet said...

Oooh eee, congratulations on the house!wow! it looks gorgeous!

Have a great holiday in. the. sun. It's freeezing here today. See you when you get back :)

loved your eight too.

JacquiJ said...

Good God Penni! You've got me in a spin! Where? When? I need to know all about it!
Congratulations, it does look lovely.
Hope you're enjoying your break :)

Dusty Jo said...

JJ not sure if she wants the actual suburb mentioned but I can tell you they have bellbirds, fresh air and a hippy Saturday market with a chai tea tent. :))) Yay for them!

Suse said...

... and the chai tent is awesome.

nadia said...

Oh wow that's great news, Penn! Congratulations on the house and I'm glad you're having a good holiday too. Good good good.

Maria said...

Hey Pen... wowsers and congratulations on the House! Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Pregnant (30w - where did that go??), sick, overworking, tired, blah. Have a great hol xxx