Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am trying to think of a new title for Rise, since the publishers agree with me that Rise isn't quite right...but now I have to think of something else...there's a growing list. Contenders so far include Sister, Shift, Drift and Stay. I like Stay. I think the publishers are leaning towards Sister, which is kind of perfect in context but I am not sure I like it as a title of a book...if you know what I mean. It might be a bit too girlie YA. Opinions are welcome. It's been Rise for so long for me that it's hard to think about it as anything else (and Rise is a great title - it just doesn't mean anything!)

I have to think of a title for my short story too - tomorrow's the last day to enter it in the Age short story competition. Perhaps I'll just call it Zack - that's always been my back up name for a boy in a I'll never hate it kind of a way. Zack the story. It's got a good ring. (It will actually probably be called Meadow. Or Boy. Or The Boy They Brought Home, but I think I nicked that from somewhere. John Marsden maybe. Yep. I could say it's an homage. And suddenly it occurs to me that it's a tad patronising that Marsden thinks he can write a how to book for single mothers, but what would I know?)


  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I think 'Sister' limits your audience. As a guy, that title would never have appealed to me.

    I typed 'drift' and 'stay' into one of my favourite sites:

    These were my faves.








    Hope you find your word, Penni!

  2. I vote Drift, it seems to fit with the other two titles, that otherwordly association. Or maybe Exhale to compliment Breathe?? I'll read it no matter what you name!!

  3. I wish I could give you the perfect, unfound word... the secret suburb of wordsville... but I am a bit computer-fried and have no valuable thoughts to speak of.
    Actually, I rather like "unfound", but I have NO idea if it is relevant!
    Happy Birthday Fran!

  4. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I know- how about the title 'thoughts'. Don't stop thinking Penni, were expecting a thought anyday now.It's good to see your not filling teenage girls heads with nonsense.

  5. I like Stay. That one jumped out at me more than the others. Drift and Stay...such opposites aren't they, but both beautiful words.

  6. Thanks everyone. Though I still love Stay (and I've bandied some more about - flicker, sideways) it looks like the title will be Drift. Stay tuned - my publisher is going to try it out first.

  7. When I say 'try it out' I mean they'll stand round the water cooler or whatever it is they stand around saying wahddaya reckon? Well maybe sliiiightly more technical than that, but they won't be conducting like market research on a control-group of genetically engineered super-reading monkeys or anything fancy like that.