Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things I did today

1. Dropped Una off at creche. Fred opted not to go.
2. Martin, Fred and I had coffee/hot chocolate and raisin toast. Walking down the street with just Fred was really nice. She has been a Delight the last two days - must be feeling better. But it was probably good she stayed home from 'the kids'.
3. Said goodbye to Martin who went off to do some business. Went to Melbourne Uni to pick up the reader for the subject I'm tutoring.
4. Walked back, up Lygon Street then Brunswick Street looking for toys for Fred and Una for the trip. Was deeply inefficient. Got a couple of bits and pieces, can't for the life of me recall what. Nice groovy chick in shop gift-wrapped many small inexpensive items.
5. Went shopping for bathers. Soul shattering experience. Bought boardies, when draw string is loosened have a lot of grow room. Therefore can gain several kilos without having to ever shop for more bathers. Hooray.
6. Came home.
7. Packed my clothes, girls' clothes, several other miscellaneous items for holiday. Leaving tomorrow.
8. Finished draft 2 of Indigo Girls, including writing a new ending, which is a perfect way to include best bits of old ending but strengthen themes of novel. Very gratifying.
9. Bought a house.
10. What's that?
11. Bought a house.
12. Yes.
13. A house.
14. Oops.
15. So I can't buy a FREAKING toy, but man can I shop for a house.
16. We spent less time in the house we bought than I did in the toyshop today.
17. Here's a picture.

18. And another, and another:

Note the many trees. Toto, I don't think we're in Northcote anymore.
19. Toasted house with half a lindt chocolate and a hot cup of peppermint tea. We own a future mortgage on half a mudbrick house far far away. Wheee.

Um. Better learn to drive then.


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM


    tuesdays are very good for buying houses.
    both our sydney houses were purchased on tuesdays, and both have been lovely to live in.

    now, go and be nervous on a beach while you can still afford plane travel :D

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Congrats!The house looks wonderful I can just see the girls running wild while mum and dad sit on the veranda - a big welcome to "the sticks" from the Cooks. Marcus wants to know if this is a house we will be allowed to visit and then he says too bad we're coming anyway bc that is what us tree-hugging hippy types do! Have a great holiday and I now must know the new ending to Indigo Girls, having really enjoyed the last version,

  3. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Ooooh, what a wonderful day!!!

    Wishing you lots of happy times in your new home!

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    eek! I looked at same house!(But I am still at the dreaming stage) It's lovely -think of all the fantastic books you will write there with bellbirds and wallabies and wotnot as your first audience. congratulations!

  5. congratulations! it looks beautiful...

  6. having already *screeeeeched* at you about the house .. did by any chance the toyshop happen to be jasper kids, and did the groovy girl happen to have a treasure chest tattooed on her forearm?

  7. Ohh weird. You're the third person I know that bought a house yesterday!

    Hugest congratulations to you, Martin and the girls. I hope you all truly love it there.

    Now speaking of holiday toy items..what little bits and pieces are you going to/have you bought for the girls to keep them amused???? I need ideas for Tara. Lots of colouring books, pencils and art books for her to draw in...what else?????????????


  8. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Congrats Pen. The pics look lovely, when do you move in?

    Jarbs XX

    ps - hullo Zose!

  9. wowsers Pen, that's seriously brilliant news! It looks like a gorgeous house. where is it? South East Queensland maybe? What a busy Tuesday. peace and love xxxx btw. I love jasper kids in melbourne, great great games and toys for little kids.

  10. I've only just started reading your blog but I'm still so excited for you. About the boardshorts, sure, but more about the house. It looks just like a happy home should. And that garden, wow!

  11. Anonymous6:41 PM

    That house is making me drool. It looks lovely! Congratulations!

  12. WOW Penn you did it. How exciting? The house looks gorgeous, I'm sure it will inspire you to write and write and write until you can not right anymore. JUst gorgeous.

  13. Oh my god you did it!

    WE'LL BE NEIGHBOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. OMG, you are now official a GROWN UP!!!! :-P (BTW having kids doesn't mean your grown up, look at all the 14 yr olds doing it! ::sigh::)
    Are you seriously saying after all this time you still haven't gotted your license? All those driving lessons ..lol..
    Congrates!! Now where the heck is it?

  15. that is just gorgeous!!! i'm so jealous, i wanna live in teh bush too! (dh has bushfire phobia though)

    yay for you!


  16. cool house !!

    Congrats !