Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blue's Clues

We went to the library today and among other things, we borrowed a 'Blue's Clues' dvd. Fred doesn't watch television, though she does watch dvds, partly because Martin and I don't watch tv anymore and partly because our ABC reception is so bad and that's the only channel in Australia that airs decent kids TV. Anyway, so we borrowed Blue's Clues which has the dual benefits of being good, entertaining kids tv and quite funny for the grown ups watching it.
So when Martin told me a few months ago that Steve died of a heroin overdose I was, understandably, quite upset. A girl at uni told him.
A quick search of Google today reveals that Steve is, in fact, alive and well (and apparently he's also neither a porn star or drug dealer...)
So why do people spread such rumours? Why this inherent distrust of people (especially men) who host children's television? What does it say about society's views of, amongst other things, male childcarers (there are two at Fred's creche) and hands-on, stay at home dads? I can't remember hearing similar rumours about Noni or Bonita or the various Miss Janes on Mr Squiggle.
We also got Microcosmos. For over a year Fred's absolutely favourite movie was Travelling Birds. She still loves it. So we'll see how she goes with the insects. I hope they aren't too scarey. Even Cinderelmo has been banished because of a slightly snarky step-mother type figure.
I also borrowed, for me, a novel called Property. The gorgeous voice drew me in on the first page, though I don't think it will be an entirely comfortable read. But considering I have been reading lovely Noel Straetfield books acquired at the Darebin Library Book Sale (paperbacks 50c, hardbacks $1), I thought it was about time I read some adult fiction. I do have some Anne Tyler waiting for me but I'm saving it up for special.


  1. Hey there :)
    Blues Clues is great :) The girls love it, and it's great for Mumma shower distraction time. :)
    didn't Steve go off and join a cool alterna-band?
    We've got the new ones here, Joe is the host, which confuses Asha, but she's worked out the 'e' thing now, 'e' for boys, no 'e' for Mumma.
    OK, to clarify something I told you a while back, I"m reading 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' by Marina Lewycka.
    My girls also love CinderElmo (called Princess Momo in this house). :) Love ya.

  2. I love Blues Clues! I don't have any kids to justify my kids tv habit, oh well. To spite myself I am quite fond of Bear in the Big Blue House as well.

    I adore Anne Tyler books. I haven't read her latest, I'm saving it for a special occasion!

    I'm glad you've blogged again this week, I've missed you!

  3. i prefer steve to joe. he reminds me of my garth. my canadian friend told me he left to go play in a band. can't say i blame him, those jumpers would drive me to such extremes. We are also deeply involved in a passionate (desperate?) embrace with a scottish show on cable called "Whats the story, Balamory?" which is like a memory game.

    And i'm recycling Pierre Cardin business shirts into beautifully soft cotton shorts to be worn over cloth nappies, and eyeing off my new screen printing kit.

  4. Ooo, we loved Bear in the Big Blue House, was so sad when we out grew it, got to admit I still sneak an episode now and then myself!! ABC stores used to carry the soft toy versions too. Jman still refers to the Moon as Luna. The other one we love is Dora the Explorer, I think Swiper is sooo cute!
    Steve was definatly the better of the two Blue's hosts, I find Joe a little condesending at times. Have to say Elmo was banned from our house, there is something about that voice that just grates! ::sigh:: we grew out of all this so fast, even the poor old wiggles only lasted 6 mths before Spiderman and car shows were more interesting!
    PS. Margaret Atwood was on Beyond Tomorrow last week with a new virtual book signing gadget, was pretty kewl.