Friday, August 11, 2006


Congratulations to Dan and Zoe who moved into their new house today, it's a dear little abode and I could already hear the walls singing for joy to have Zoe and Dan living there. Made me quite sentimental for mine and Martin's first apartment, a lovely place in Brighton with lofty ceilings and enormous rooms, above an architect's office. We actually moved back there briefly after having Fred (long story). They were going to cosy up tonight and watch a vid, eat takeaway and just be...I did some concerted waving about of Una though and Zoe was looking a bit clucky and really now she's got a nest there's no excuse...but seriously. I am very happy for you both. Good luck with the whole happily ever after business. Falling in love is fun in a rollercoaster, feeling sick on the downward run kind of way, but being in love is fun-ner.
Now shh. Go away everyone. I am writing a Very Important essay about staircases. Seriously. The upness AND the down.


  1. Yes congrats to Z&D, the house is lovely :-)
    Sigh ... I miss our Brighton flat.

  2. Congratulations from me too!!! Home sweet home!!


  3. Thanks y'all! It's a big ole wig-out, I tell ya what! I'm having a ball playing house, but it is taking some getting used to, this whole 'you and me forever' business! Plus, PMT adds to the battiness. But the house IS adorable! And wait til you see it all set up! Gorge!