Thursday, August 03, 2006

A New Niece

Announcing the birth of

Ruby Elizabeth
born 4.30pm
8lb, 54cm

Congratulations Ben, Annemarie and Nina
Oh I can't wait to squeeeeeze her! Hooray for little girls!


A little bit blurry because we didn't want to startle her with the flash.
She's beautiful, so tiny, so delicious. Ruby lips, just perfect for kissing.


Zedd said...

Great name, Ruby. Yay for them!

Zedd said...

Yay for them! Great name, Ruby.

Penni said...

I just saw her, she's a real cutie. Stay tuned for pics.

Anonymous said...

hey Pen, congratulations - a new niece - beautiful. Gorgeous gorgeous name. My rubilicious girl is Ruby Iris Elizabeth! kath xxxx

Penni said...

Oh I thought she had an Elizabeth in there, but then I distinctly remembered Iris - but you were clever and chose both ;)

I miss you.