Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Madeline's New Dress and a Wee Doggy

Madeline and doggy
Madeline and doggy,
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Since Fred was sick again on the weekend (it's a neverending cold, with extra colds sometimes on top) I made Madeline a little dress to entertain her. It was an easy pattern, taken from here: http://www.puchimadam.com/index.htm

Then over the past few nights, I've also been stitching up this little doggy. He's to be a rainy day present for Frederique sometime. The little bone comes out of his pocket.

I must say I am enjoying learning to sew. I don't know that I will ever master it, but I am actually enjoying not being brilliant at it too, letting myself make mistakes, since I've always been a bit of an over-achiever, reluctant to take on things that I'm not very good at.

The sun has been out in Melbourne, the sky has been astonishingly blue. Days that say, 'Winter doesn't last forever.' Blossoms are unfurling, flowers are poking through. It's almost spring, and when spring comes, Miss Una Petunia, Una Balloona, Una the Tuna, will be one year old. Time, like the birds in my expansive cornflower sky, flies.


  1. That doggie is sooooooo cute, I just want to play with it!! I love the dress too, really pretty. I think Fred and Una the Piano Tuna need ones too!

    How I miss those Melbourne/Tassie winter days right at the end, that tantalisingly wave spring under your nose. You don't really get that here, one day its cold wet and miserable, and the next day it's spring!

  2. Oh bless!!
    Clever you.

    I need one of those 'almost' spring days here .. I'm drowning in mist and fog and mess.

  3. Cute dog! I'm liking your chunky stitch style... very rustic. Aren't you the earth mother to end all earth mothers?! Have you made dried fruit yet?! (Trust me, I'm taking notes for when my time comes...)

  4. Not unaless wizened mandarin peel counts as dried fruit. I also made furry fruit in Fred's creche bag...It popped out and said hello on the tram and ran away to breed with Things That Live Under The Road.

  5. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Your crafty bits are coming on nicely.

    I guess furry bananas would be a tad wasteful at present.

    Sun, snow and rainbows here today.