Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Book Design

Chad Beckerman sent me the loveliest email today. He is the very talented man who designed Undine and Breathe in the US. The designer of the Australian books is the clever and extremely prolific Ellie Exarchos. It's been very interesting seeing two different designers come up with very different books in response to the same material. I love Ellie's Undine because it's so beautiful and gentle and magical but I really adore Chad's Breathe because it's so exciting and dramatic. The Undine on Chad's cover is also more my picture of Undine than the one on the Australian Breathe. I am looking forward to seeing what each of them does with Rise.
Here are some of my favourite book covers:


  1. Hmmm I'd take him out for coffee!!!!

    I was a bit disappointed in the ABV (Aussie Breathe Version) of Undine, she didn't fit my image of her (which is kind of the ethereal, pixie like look that you had when you were a teenager - that I was always so jealous of!)

    I do love the Blind Assassin cover, I'd love that on a t-shirt or a bag!

  2. Oooo, I agree With Kylie, Yummy! And talented to boot!

    One of my fav artists also did the covers for most of my fav books (weird but true). His website is here..
    Other funny co-winkydink is that we used to exchange cards with his artwork on it as teens!!

  3. Yeah, I pretty much picture the same version of Pen as Undine that you do, Kylie.

  4. All my characters are basically some version of me - Like I said in my marketing notes, writing is just a kind of acceptable disassociative disorder. Though Lou looks exactly like Louise Ryan, who used to be one of the reps at Allen & Unwin and is one of the most naturally glamorous people I know (in a totally down to earth way).