Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm sorry, are my neurons keeping you awake?

What is it about this age? Una was awake for two hours (two separate hours) last night, for about the seventh night in a row. Is it teething? Is it her neurons firing? Is it social, developmental, hormonal? Is it separation anxiety? Is she worried that, what with being the centre of the universe and all, the world will end when she goes to sleep? Who knows? I am too tired to care. Lucky she's cute or I'd be posting her to Berlize in my waking hours. Lucky the post office isn't open at night. I pondered this neat feature of the universe at 3am when I was up drinking my milo.
Meanwhile, this is cool: The Tenth Dimension I'd like to go and live in a nice cosy alternate infinity for a while, one with no gravity and all the milo you can drink.
And if you really have time to murder and are close to lack-of-sleep induced pyschosis like me go and log into the forum and read the posts about space and time aloud in a kath and kim voice. For some reason it's really really hilarious (I can lend Una out for the night if you need help inducing pychosis).


  1. Just be grateful that you don't have to drink the milo we get here. The UK government don't like the milk content of Australian milo and won't let it in the country, so we have to drink either the Kenyan or Singaporean versions which are just not right.

    They look like mouse droppings, not something to sprinkle on your icecream!

  2. Another shocker.
    But I think I can only get away with so many 'my baby can't sleep I think I'm a spinning jellybean' blog entries before I lose my audience ;)

  3. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Poor Penni

    Who knows what is going on in Una's cute little brain. She is lucky to have you for a mum. I wish I could steal her away for a night so you could sleep but I suspect you wouldn't.

  4. Okay, well by that theory, you should be able to fold the 5th dimension and find an alternate infinity in which Una does sleep, find the secret from your then self and then return to your self infinity and sleep thru the night. Simple really, should have thought of it yourself!! :-)

  5. LOL! Of course. All right, well, I'm just off to do that now. Toodloo, see you in the 5th dimension.