Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wabi Sabi 2


  1. Hi Penni - Thank you for your very amusing comment on Wardrobe Refashion! I really did LOL :D I'm also keen to see if I can find your books here; it sounds like a story I would very much enjoy reading.

    And just so that this comment isn't entirely out of place, I think this photo captures the spirit of wabi sabi very well. I found your post on the 3 Japanese concepts interesting, especially because I keep reading conflicting definitions of zakka especially. I wonder how long the "trend" will last in the west; it takes a certain subtlety &simplicity of experiencing and looking to truly live the Japanese philosophies. But what a way to _be_!

  2. Thanks aiar. I still lurve the jacket. It's a pity I almost entirely lack shoulders though...but don't tell the jacket, it might stop things before they start. You are very very clever.
    The great thing about refashioning (in the spirit of the post) is that it takes old things and allows them to be both old and new, odd and altered and layered with history and potentiality (is that a word?) One of my favourite houses in inner Melbourne has a very modern new addition but they have preserved the old part of a house in a state of decay, letting it show it's age.

    Good luck finding the books. Undine is available on Amazon, though nothing better than walking into a bookstore! Let me know how you go!!