Saturday, May 02, 2015

Mr Know Everything

"How do people make these?" Avery is holding bubble mix in a plastic container on a string.
"I don't know."
"Does Daddy know everything?"
"No one knows everything. Most people have a few things they know really well, and some things they know a little bit about."
"You know who knows everything? Know Everything Man. He's my friend. You can't see him because he's invisible."
"Great! Why don't you ask him how it was made?"
*mutter mutter* "He says it's made of pavlova."
"Oh. I'm not sure Mr Know Everything is completely reliable."
"He told me it was made of pavlova, so I told everyone it was made of pavlova."

I buckle Avery into his seat. "I love you," I say, kissing his cheek.
He wraps his arms around my neck and holds tight. "I love you"
"That's nice," I say. "We are in love."
Avery laughs. "No. No we're not. We're not in love."
"Oh, why? I love you and you love me?"
"Because you can only be in a wedding to be in love."
"Are Daddy and I in love?"
"No! You aren't in a wedding."
"But we're married. We had a wedding."
"But now you're not."
"What are we."
"You and Daddy love each other, but you're not in love."