Only Ever Always

Only Ever Always

Notable book, 2012 Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year Award - Older Readers
Winner, 2011 Aurealis Awards - Young Adult Novel
Winner, 2012 WA Premier's Book Award
Winner, 2012 NSW Premier's Literary Awards

Mysterious, complex and challenging, Only Ever Always is a beautifully written story of parallel lives where Claire in the now, and Clara in a dystopian, timeless world, each face similar difficulties. Is one the dreamer, the other the dream, and if so, which? Changing voices, points of view and place make this a very satisfying novel for a reader willing to give it the close attention it deserves.

Judge's comments, Western Australia Premier's Book Award

Only Ever Always is a mysterious, elliptical novel of place, dreams, grief and identity. Russon’s dazzling narrative choices draw in and implicate the reader as a participant, as a third version of Claire/Clara. Melancholy drives the narrative, creating a haunting and suspenseful atmosphere of foreboding, gently leavened with warmth. The language style is lyrical and poetic, yet characters dwell ‘only just inside language’ in a way that is refreshingly original. This is not a novel for a casual reader – it requires close attention, not just from the intellect, but from the heart. 

Judge's Comments Ethel Turner Award, NSW Premier's Literary Awards

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