Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cake the First:

Well, this is Fred's first happy birthday cake. It's a plain cake with cream cheese icing and fondant hearts. The icing was going to be blue but the natural colours I bought were a bit insipid (you need CHEMICALS dammit to get that really bright, really wrong blue) and the blue was kind of grey, which didn't seem a very happy birthday colour, so I went for purple instead. As far as I know she liked it, but she was a bit quiet last night. It's hard to get anything out of her about her day at creche anyway, I feel like I'm interrogating her just trying to find out if she had a good day. I need lights. I need props.
The next cake will be on Saturday. Then the final cake on Sunday. Three cakes for a third birthday. It is either fitting or excessive or both.
Three cakes. I must REALLY love her. ; )

Monday, April 17, 2006

One of my widgets (a Mac thing mentioned in one of my other entries down there) is this thing called Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. It's subtitle is 'Over one hundred worthwile dilemmas'. You click on it and it says something oblique and strategic like (hang on, let me click) 'A line has two sides'. I guess it's supposed to help you think laterally to solve creative blocks or something but jeez. A line has two sides? What the? Here's another: 'Do the last thing first.' Yes, sensei. It's like a cross between a fortune cookie and some dreadful ex-boyfriend who gives advice when you just want a timtam and a hug.
Hmmm. I think that's the key. They should put their oblique strategies on tim tams. Perfect. I think my problem is I don't want oblique strategies. I want concrete ones.

We have a very loud heater. It complains a lot. So I can be warm and deaf or cold and aurally relieved. Oooh I just bashed it up and it's quiet. Sshh...must go and write a quick novel before it works up to something again.

She eats sadness, she eats the hollow space of her mum's wounded heart. The cake is tantalising because it is love and frivolty and she can eat its heart until she's full to bursting. But cake can be beautiful yet dry and disappointing. The hard icing facade conceals so much.

In Rise cake is the new sex. 

More Cake
On Friday Frederique turns three and to honour this spectacular event she will have cake. She will have three cakes - one for Tuesday creche (oops must rememebr to make that one today!!), one for the kid's party on Saturday and one for the family party on Sunday. Cake, cake, cake. I'm a bit scared of all this cake. On her birthday she will have spaghetti because spaghetti is what she loves best.