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The Indigo Girls
Longlisted, The Golden Inky Award

'Zara's an alpha - the first letter of the Greek alphabet. She's popular. I'm more like one of the obscure letters in the middle that no one's ever heard of - an omicron or something.'
Zara, Tilly and Mieke go to different schools and live in different social worlds. But for two weeks every summer they're the Indigo Girls - surfing, bushwalking, or just hanging out at the campground or the nearby resort. This year Mieke doesn't show up, and Zara and Tilly - the queen bee and the geek - are left circling each other, unsure how to relate without Mieke in the middle. Soon it becomes a summer of change and a summer of secrets; a summer for losing themselves but finding each other.
'Teenage girls will love the raw truth about their lives which has been captured in this book.' - Lucienne, age 16, Silverfish Book Group

Little Bird
CBCA Notable

Everything I know about love I learned in one short year. Somehow I'd coasted along all my life and then I fell in love twice, bam bam, just like that, and it left my heart spinning...Ruby-lee is cynical about love; after all, she's watched her sister Shandra call off her wedding three times a week. But when Shandra volunteers her to babysit her friend's seven month old baby, Ruby-lee discovers just what love means. First she's overcome by powerful feelings for tiny Maisy, then she starts spending time with Maisy's dad, Spence. She even begins to imagine a future together, as a family. But where will Ruby-lee's fantasies lead? And what sort of trouble could they get her into? When it looks like Ruby-lee might lose everything, she has to discover what love truly is to find her own heart.

Dear Swoosie

Written with Kate Constable

My mental telepathy is stronger than most people's. Once I stared at Lucy for a whole class, and she complained. If I can make it work on a blind person, I can make it work on anybody. - India 
Rule number one of fortune telling give the customer what they want. We could have made a good team. Pity I wasn't a team player. I was a strictly solo kind of girl. - PoppyIndia can see the future, and Poppy has a past. And when they discover old letters in the school attic it seems destiny has a plan for them. Who is the mysterious Swoosie? What does she have to do with Poppy's high-school sweetheart parents, and India's mum? Meanwhile plans for the reunion of the class of '89 are underway, and there's a lot of bad hair going round.
Does the past have the power to change the future and can the future heal the past? India and Poppy are about to find out. 
'Funny, warming...A great tale of friendship and family...' Amelia 15
'A great read, complex and enthralling.' Akela 16

Josie and the Michael Street Kids

Shortlisted, Children's Peace Literature Award

"Moving house is a stressful experience as 11 year old Josie discovers. Not only must she leave behind her best friend from primary school, but she also faces the problem of making friends in the new suburb where she will be starting high school, a challenge in itself. 

The peaceful resolution is achieved through an understanding family, frank speech, acknowledgement of the grief process and the creative action of the girl who has moved away."
Judge's comments, Children's Peace Literature Award

As Sebastian Scott:

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