Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Golden Love Triange Suite

For C––
You know who you are.


Change, Bella.
This is not your life.
Their burdens cannot keep you on the earth,
You love me too,
You see it!
I can touch the clouds
But I can't handle the darkness.

It does not matter
Everything has changed
And what do you do?
Bella is your favourite animal.
But who is the lost wolf?

Because it happens often,
Because it will be him every time
And always like this,
Take me.
Please don’t make me choose.

Why am I covered in feathers?
Destroying everything, destroying the world,
I didn't realize I was crying 
until it was time to watch the sound.

I prefer a night without darkness,
where we will never see the stars.

In the middle of the night
My life was rough and unchanging.
Tell me my name before you go to bed.
I always have to stay in the middle of the night.

Despite an ideal day, it should always end
How does the sun shine now?
If you can dream, it will be up to you,
Spending time with you is not enough.


Twelfth sky, 
how do you think this problem will be solved?

Maybe like everyone else, 
I expect the answer to hang on a tree. 
I’m in trouble and this is the only way 
To attract your attention.

He will kiss you. 
You should not forget. It looks like this.

The ways they hate each other,
Know how I treated you,
I feel this as I watch your kissing kiss.

I searched for ideas and secret despair. 
Boys and girls visited the forest and were inseparable. 
Are these boys and girls happy?

What would happen if there were no women in the capital? 

I'm fine with you.
Honestly, I can live almost alone.

Well, this is the girl I always remembered. 
Staying beautiful is not a weakness,
Something you have to deal with.

No, it happened.
When the song ended, 
I knew that I was done. 
The birds keep listening.

You love me. Real or not real? Really or not? 
True? Do I love you so much it is true? 
How tired are you?

As for kissing!

I swear all the birds in the window are silent.
People tend to be a burden. 
I’m fine. I know you are here.

I do volunteer work.
I put up my hand. I volunteer as PR!
What am I doing? 
I raised my hand 
as if to remind me of the black and white wings that I wear.

Just kidding. I don’t like this language, let’s be honest.

Later I was there, broken and small, with a thousand eyes
Then someone in the band laughed,
Take a deep breath, three fingers. 

If I believe he is dead, I will not return to the forest.
Survival is not a fire of anger and hatred. There are 
many flames. I want to be a dry spring. 
The yellow spring is yellow. 
Until you lose, life goes on. 
Life should be good again.

I want to sleep in the open window. 

Your hands were there to please 
and your lips were finally healed.

This is what you and I do. 
Protect yourself.


Jo decides to forgive Amy and forget about the mistake.

That is all.

I love you, I am you,
And you must listen to me. 
I couldn't help it, you were very good for me, 
I ask and I answer. 
Now listen listen.
I know what you did, 
but the girls are so sad 
when they say yes, they say no.

I thought you were thinking but it didn’t help,
I loved you so much that I loved you 
And I didn’t complain.

Think about it now, but there comes a time 
when you have to take care of something, 
love it, live and die. 
I know you in your way would recommend it.

Oh, is that so? Okay. Forget it.
Great. I’m fine.

Shame on your do-nothing hand, 
I know I have no right to tell you.
Yes, love her every day if you want,
But don’t throw away the gift of her refusal.

No need to say more,
I know you're awake,
And a man.
This is the patience of girls.


You, who will be happy in the process
have to love what you do.
We are all parents of strangers,
In fact, love does strange things to you.

I’m tired of dancing around big words
I want to be honest with you:

You were born and died, and made many mistakes in between

And I didn’t want to do this simple route
Because I realized that if I lived here, I would be stronger. 
I need to know more about that. 
We grow up into small accidents in life

We continue to change our mind and even our heart.
In general, forgiveness is the only real thing we offer.

Are you ready for everything you kiss?
You do remember.
I want to laugh, I want to laugh,
I don't want to write a poem about love.

It ends,
But at the same time, it lasts forever.
Be heartfelt and full of heart.

You see,
Why not stop it?
There is a real need for this,
We found our way.

If you just stay here, please.

Are you really going to do that? 
And good, good; I have to believe 
that I am in a situation that is not possible. 
Let's put it this way 
I'm down and down
The worst I've ever fallen. 
What can you tell me?     

The only decision left:
I know who I am.