Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cake the First:

Well, this is Fred's first happy birthday cake. It's a plain cake with cream cheese icing and fondant hearts. The icing was going to be blue but the natural colours I bought were a bit insipid (you need CHEMICALS dammit to get that really bright, really wrong blue) and the blue was kind of grey, which didn't seem a very happy birthday colour, so I went for purple instead. As far as I know she liked it, but she was a bit quiet last night. It's hard to get anything out of her about her day at creche anyway, I feel like I'm interrogating her just trying to find out if she had a good day. I need lights. I need props.
The next cake will be on Saturday. Then the final cake on Sunday. Three cakes for a third birthday. It is either fitting or excessive or both.
Three cakes. I must REALLY love her. ; )

1 comment:

  1. Cute cake buddy :)

    Now where are the pics of #2 and #3?

    happy birthday Frederique. XX