Sunday, February 18, 2007

Consulting the Mystics

This is another one from Janet. The game reminds me of a Richard Bach book (I went through a Richard Bach phase as a youth) where you hold a question in your mind, open a book (special ones were published with suitably deep thoughts within, but Bach's original point was that you could do it with anything - a newspaper, a dictionary etc) and then the sentence your eye/finger lands on is your big answer from the universe. For example my question might be: 'should we go to the shopping centre to escape the heat even though the shopping centre will make me feel cross?' and the response from the closest book which happened to be Meredith Kirton's Dig was a picture of a Jacaranda and the description: 'Adapted to all climates except very cold and extreme tropical conditions. Young trees may need protection...' which is oddly fitting, though equally interpretable to be yes or no.

Anyway, the Splinternet version is to type "penni needs" into the search box and see the top ten responses (obviously if you choose to try this, you might think your own name is more fitting).

Penni needs:
1. a pic so everyone can see how hot she is (yes, aren't I smashing?)
2. ideas of what to go as. (a bee? A liberal voter? A chevrolet?)
3. to write a blurb (as a matter of fact, right now, I don't.)
4. mellow. (that's a whole sentence. Penni needs mellow. I like it.)
5. love (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier - who describes herself, yes it is first person, as an unaltered female.)
6. to suck in her gut. (Well yes. Yes, i do)
7. a caretaker or foster (another dog. Part Australian shepherd, part Norwegian elkhound. Poor confused thing.)
8. to serve drinks with that great food of hers (well, how about a nice turkish apple ice tea?)
9. to come first (right after God) for now. (yes, remember that all of you. After god, there is me).
10. to know TODAY if you would like to attend the technology conference. (actually, I'm not that fussed. Attend, don't attend. There's no need for me to sound so grouchy about it).

In other news, Una is in the process of weaning herself. I got pregnant with Frederique in July 2002 and since then my body has been contribiting to the sustainment of life of at least one other person since Fred self weaned soon after I got pregnant with Una. So my body is about to be my own again. Bring on the hormonal cocktail. And then maybe, well, normality, for a spell. Who will I be? What's gonna happen? Who can tell? I am a bit sad, but I am also quite not sad too. Who knwos what I'm feeling really. Tired. Hot. Mostly.


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I laughed out loud, then sweated some more.

    I want to repsond to your Undine post but...

    It. is. too. hot. to. think.

    The pool calls.

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I think it's called Bibliomancy, though I could be making that up. That's the book version obviously. I remember reading a rather marvellous though bonkers novel that had three hormonal teenagers practicising it to the point of obsession, and their resultant power made all the statues in Dublin come to I said, bonkers. Can't wait to try the internet version!

  3. ha! laugh! clever funny woman.

    & congrats on the weaning. heaven!

  4. Yes, you're right flib. Bibliomancy.
    Was it The First Verse?