Friday, November 23, 2007

One more sleep

Would you vote for this duck man?
See you at the polls tomorrow.

psst. Bob Brown for PM.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    nah, it won't happen.
    well, one can't happen and the other is statistically improbable.

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    That is beautiful! hahahahaha. Just loved it.

  3. already done, just crossing every appendage until tomorrow night, (mighty uncomfortable)
    EEK I mean vote already done not voting for ducks or JH already done!

  4. I thought it was quite funny all these people were waiting at the door with camera men and photographers when we arrived at the shops..I just assumed they wanted to photograph me Girl.gif anyway we went up to the gym and when we came down there was this huggggge swarm of people circulating around kevin rudd, he was doing a walk through the shopping centre having a chat to people, smmmmooozhing them over before tomorrow I guess.

    All the yoookals were on there phones going, you will never guess who is at the shops, I won't tell have to wait. I took a picture for you.

  5. The pic is a ripper, Penni. Thank goodness I can go vote at 8 am tomorrow. Next time I think I'll go postal.

  6. The thought of Bennelong being taken away by a woman...and an ABC woman at that...quite literally makes my loins quiver with suppressed excitement.

    I hope I can still run in the morning. Could be embarrassing otherwise

  7. Anonymous9:19 AM

    yes, although next time i won't stay up for the concession speech. bed at midnight then up for rice bubble duty at 5am.
    not a nice way to welcome in a new govt......

  8. I got up nice an early to get my voting done, but forgot there's like 3 retirement things around here. 45 mins in line :::sigh::
    But I voted, therefore allowed to whinge!!

  9. And now Peter Costello is taking his bat and his ball and going home. Apparently being leader of the Libs isn't as much fun when you're the losing side.
    Malcolm Turnbull wants to be the new boss of the game. I'd like him better if he wasn't a multimillionaire.

  10. I would have voted for the duck if he had been wearing an Australian track suit.
    Poor ole' Johnny - will have to walk on his lonesome now as even the duck has desserted him.