Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful Things - dolls

I've been busy online shopping for the girls. Or Notshopping. If the Internet was a shopping centre I'd have been drummed out by now - I keep filling up trolleys and then abandoning them. I think I have a problem. I'm a nonshopaholic.

There are so many lovely things online and I have quite expensive tastes, in that I like well made items with character as opposed to the mass produced stuff. While some of the below are probably more my taste than the girls, I am always surprised by the things they love. In particular I find that the Waldorf style dolls are immensely popular with my two, we have one of these and both of them love it. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favourite things here over the next few weeks. All the prices are Australian dollars and the links are mostly Australian sites, though I think the Lark doll is the only locally produced item - not sure about the twins. I am actually busily knitting away to make some toys and we're bidding on something for Una on ebay, but we'll buy a couple of special things too.

Fred has asked for a clothesline again, which we, er, santa failed to buy her last year and she hasn't forgotten so today we bought her some dollypegs, sturdy string for a washing line and a very sweet tin bucket to wash in (which probably won't do at all), and doll clothes to wash, presumably with a doll. We do have Feral Baby, but she's happier in the nude. So perhaps it's time for Fred to have a new friend. Though Fred is notoriously fickle in her affections.Lola by Esthex $53.50 (Do have a good poke around The Princess and The Pea while you're there). I adore Lola, but I have to admit, I want her for ME. She would be a good companion for Phyllis, Una's beloved present from Paris. Where does a 3 year old find a name like Phyllis?
Alexandra and Josephine $31.50 Aren't they sweet? Una would love these two. They come in their own little carrier with nappies and bibs.
Kathe Kruse Mini It's Me Doll about $100. Yeah well, I wouldn't spend that either, but if money were no object (ha!), I'd love to get one of these each for my girls. They are just so adorable.

Under the Nile Doll, buy in Oz here $49.95AUD. Very sweet and actually not too expensive for a well made doll that comes with two outfits, much nicer than a plastic doll.

Lark Mrs Rabbit $64 I love her. I had to email and check whether their clothes are removable (there's a Mr too) and the answer is yes. I must admit to having a slight aversion to toys with their clothes sewed on. I am not sure she would entirely be Fred's taste. Una would love her. So would I. Sigh. I love Lark. How great is that wallpaper?
Ana and Isobel $41 big $21 small. I love these Maileg dolls. Sigh. They just make me happy. I want the tablecloth too. And a big bright breezy house.


  1. Pennnnnniiiiiiiiiii.... you are bad bad bad!

    *runs off to count her pennies*

  2. Sigh. I still can't quite get my head around dolls. I've been a boy's mum for a long time and my girl isn't interested in dolls yet - but I love Lark Mrs Rabbit... There are gorgeous handmade dolls with removable handmade clothing in Giraffic, the toy shop in Salamanca (opp. Wilderness Shop). Get your mum to go, or I can look if you want me to. *cackle*

  3. Maria! I'll have to get down there.
    Penni, this is such a lovely review, and great to have important items like these showcased at this time of the year :-)

    first captcha 'pleases'! (SERIUZLY)

  4. Get out your needles and thread! You could make a version of that Lola one easily!