Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny Day

This morning the Easter Bunny came. Of course you can't go outside and look until after you've had your breakfast. Fred was so full after one piece of toast. Una had forgotten about the whole chocolate business, and kept drawing, taking the occasional mouthful of weetbix (I always have weetbix except one time when I had porridge, remember when I had porridge for breakfast? Wasn't that a funny day?). Finally it was time to look. Nothing in the fairy garden. Hmm. The Easter Bunny comes where you've been playing recently, I suggest. Fred's been playing at Tom's. No, no. The Easter Bunny always comes to your house (a slightly confusing statement since we usually spend Easter away with friends - luckily it goes by unquestioned). We haven't really got Easter Bunny lore down in this house. Luckily the girls don't ask why the Easter Bunny delivers chocolate eggs, because I don't know why. I guess when you're five, or three, it's totally within the realms of probability that a fluffy bunny who loves children would want to lay little chocolate eggs in the garden. Okay, so let's look in the barn, they spent a lot of yesterday riding their bikes and making gutter-rivers and washing babies in the barn. Nope. The swings? Aha! There they are - next to

the stage.
Easter Bunny knows that Fred's school gave out an extraordinary quantity of chocolate and that Una also got eggs at creche, so the spread is light on this year (not that the girls notice). Fred gathers up her white chocolate Lindt bunny and her four caramel easter eggs. 'When I get inside I'm going to give an egg to you Mummy, and one to Daddy,' says Fred. And she does. I am overcome. We suggest to Una she give one of her eggs to Fred to make things fair again. Una does, without question. I love them. I love my girls.
The Easter Bunny has also brought presents, even though we're not quite sure about Easter and presents. This Easter Bunny remembers how some girls at school got toys and perfume and jewellery for Easter, but she doesn't really think these are appropriate for Easter. No, no. Easter is the chocolate holiday. On Facebook this morning she reads about kids who got new Nintendo DS games and she quietly disapproved of such extravagance, such blatant consumerism on behalf of one of her alternate selves. Anyway, this Easter Bunny nestled amongst the chocolate a painted wooden egg, a badge each and a fluffy chicken (who can resist a fluffy chicken), inside a little plastic egg, decorated by a little old man and a little old woman somewhere in Melbourne. Trinkets, Easter trinkets.
This morning, when Fred gathered up her eggs she said 'Thank you, Mummy and Daddy!'
I said, 'don't thank us, thank the Easter Bunny.'
'Oh yeah, I forgot.' She calls thank you to the Easter Bunny.
Did she forget? Or are we perpetuating an untruth? And is she protecting us by playing along?
Tomorrow, the circus! Fred couldn't be more excited. And four nights down at the beach! Yay!

Happy Easter!


  1. LOL, that was amusing.
    I love the Easter Bunny. ^____^

  2. Nice Easter trinkets. Good compromise. The Easter Bunny has not, bless him or her, heard of any kind of electronic equipment.

  3. Easter is a strange one, isn't it? I never understood completely the significance of whole bunny laying chocolate eggs thing. I understand even less, the present thing. Why would Easter Bunny lay perfume, make-up, or a Nintendo? It is not as if our kids these days aren't inundated with enough 'stuff' throughout the year.

    We've essentially put Easter on hold until the future possible Grandchildren are born. Then I expect we will buy eggs and hide them in the garden. But for now, it is just a long-long weekend. Though, I confess I did buy a small box of chocolates for each of the kids.

  4. are kids perpetuating our myths to protect us parents? ooo, don't let's open that can of worms. Somehow our eldest figured out that Santa doesn't exist and we are Santa. I think it came from figuring out that we were the Easter Bunny. This morning, it didn't stop him from hassling me to get out of bed to go hide the eggs so they could hunt them out – also because I'd said that there would be no easter egg hunting at the crack of dawn as I wouldn't be waking up early to hide them (I'm still sore that I ended up hiding eggs in the dark (!) last year as the kids were too excited to sleep or to wait for dawn!). And we're not sure if he's also doing this to perpetuate the myth for his nearly 3-yr-old brother.

    Easter is the strangest.

  5. such sweet girls :^)

    happy easter!

  6. We had some similar moments with Easter this year where I realised that I didn't really know that much about the mythology of this bunny thing so when my daughter asked these questions (all innocently) about the practicalities of the whole thing, I started to find the idea of a rabbit who delivers chocolate to your house while you sleep increasingly weird and difficult to explain. But in the end she was quite happy with the explanations and impressed with the chocolate.

  7. Lovely Lovely
    Hope you had a great break xo

    p.s I've finally set up a blog. Not sure of what will eventuate there but thought I'd give it a go, albeit half-hearted.