Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas & Birthday Books

Frederique (aged 6)
Una Pearl (aged 4)

Penni (aged 35 and 1 week)

Martin (38, one week and one day):


  1. Cloud Atlas is one of my favorite books EVER. Mitchell is a genius on par with Byatt, IMHO.

    I adored Olive Kitteridge and if you like it, go re/read Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio and then Lillian Nattel's The River Midnight. Same story telling conceit but definitely each original.

    I like the Sis book and have to go check it out on Amazon now.

  2. Oh look, I came here to leave a note about how my friend Babelbabe put me onto Cloud Atlas and I thought it was amazing, and there she is right above me.

    I hope Martin likes it.

    I've just read your last two posts together and they brought a huge sobbing lump to my throat. Happy new year Penni. I hope 2010 brings you, Martin and the children much excitement, contentment and gentle rain.


    (also, some swims in the river this summer)

  3. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Google Sis - there's a great interactive thing on his website for this book, it's so beautiful and clever.

  4. (and definitely yes to river swims)

  5. Another vote for Cloud atlas being one of the best books of all time. Sheer brilliance.

  6. I LOVE Marilynne Robinson. Housekeeping might be my favorite book of all time.

  7. I am looking forward to reading Cloud Atlas too. It's the gift that gives back!

    Marilynne Robinson is amazing, I loved Housekeeping, and Gilead blew me away: I have never so vividly felt as if I occupied a character's skin before, with a character so different from me.