Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bits of pieces

More about me here, posted by the lovely Tansy Raynor Roberts.

Yesterday Kate Constable and I went to the Younger Sun Bookshop where another lovely Kate runs a YA book group. It was awesome. Dear Swoosie was their February novel, but between them they'd read a lot of our books.

They were passionate, articulate, funny, friendly, comfortable, noisy, radiant girls and I liked them all very much. It was a giddy afternoon, so great to meet a bunch of voracious readers, exhausting keeping up with the conversation, which ranged from psycho homeroom teachers to crazy busdrivers to who was marrying who on the Gilmour Girls and school libraries. Most of all it was fun just to spend some relaxed time with young people who choose to hang out with the characters we create, and to hear about the other books they love.


  1. YA, hey. Have you read "When you reach me" by Rebecca Stead?

    If so, would love to know what you thought.

    Had heard of the Sun bookshop but didnt realise they had a Younger Sun. Might be worth the trip, would you say?

  2. What a great experience for everyone. I'm sure the girls were tickled to meet you and Kate.

  3. thank you for coming to bookclub, we had such a fun time. i think the girls could really get used to having the authors come speak to us! or actually, be another set of ears to listen to insane, hilarious stories. they stayed on track much more than usual.
    hope to see you again! kate xx

  4. 'passionate, articulate, funny, friendly, comfortable, noisy, radiant girls'. How lovely to have a whole room of such girls.