Monday, March 22, 2010

Una's List

Watch television
Eat a lolly
Draw a scary picture

Get the washing in
Do the dishes

Do a painting

Lie in the hammock

Eat biscuits

Play on the computer

Notice play on the computer is hastily added in in another colour. This was a non-sanctioned activity and was added in about halfway through the day, but she was very insistent that, as it was on the list, it HAD to be ticked off. She is sneaky my Una.
Freddy had a list too, and the day passed by beautifully, one of those sunny, slow-time Sundays, perfect for gardening and reading a little in the sun, and a walk down to the roadside plant stall looking for inspiration and a play with the next-doors and a bit of housework too.
The sort of days you might want to capture in a blog post, because they are full of the textures of autumn, and the pleasure of domestic life and the bliss of family living, and yet in themselves are so unremarkable that they could easily slide away, forgotten on other, busier, angrier days.


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  2. Jesus, she isn't even five yet. What a marvellous kid. The pair of them actually.
    Love you all!