Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day: two girls and a...

You know you're really a mum when the cards are the best bit.
Una's card:
That's the baby in my tummy of course. Below is what Una wrote inside, Martin told her the letters. The s is just for practice.
Fred's card:

From the mother's day stall at school:

Chocolate fudge made by Martin and the girls from a recipe book Fred picked up free at the supermarket. Here's the recipe.
And my mum (and dad), who were in town for mother's day. We had danishes and croissants for breakfast.

And Mum and Dad also looked after Una on Friday while we went and had our 12 week scan. We were of course not expecting at this early stage to find out the gender, so we were pretty shocked to be told that the sonographer was 85-90% sure it's a boy. Shocked is the understatement. We both came out spinning. And we still are. 'Don't paint the nursery blue yet,' said the sonographer, and we won't be throwing out the bags and bags of girl's clothes just yet either. But oh. A boy. Even the possibility of a boy. Whew. We're still spinning.


  1. Wow! That's so amazing!

    I'm so happy for you!

    And the cards are SO cute!

  2. this is where I argue with people who say 'you're wrecking the surprise' when you find out the gender at the scan. no no no the surprise just comes earlier.
    i screamed when the sonographer told me G was a boy, could not have been more 'surprised' ..
    I need to scan my cards too, they really rock don't they. moisty eyed, moisty eyed. X

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    A boy - Yay! We had two boys then Claire to finish things - lucky. It was a shock (I'm one of four boys)and something that took us ages to get our head around. Didn't think it was possible. Nice to mix things up Penni.

  4. Everything about this post is gorgeous but that top picture of the baby is your tummy is just so super wonderful.

  5. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely news. A boy. Three girls and the last one's a boy. It IS different. Oh, I'll keep my fingers crossed. (And will be just as overjoyed by a girl too - three little girls, oh how they'll play).

  6. A boy! Wow. We had a baby boy after 2 girls and it was SO different. Wonderful different. I do think though I have never been as shocked to hear the word 'penis' as I was when they told us during Gryffin's ultrasound.

    I agree, the cards are the very best bit! And they only get better. Fudge! Thats fantastic :) Glad you had a lovely day.

  7. OMGOMGOMG! I love gender results in scans - for some reason they're just so much goddamn fun. They make it all seem so real.