Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is the year Only Ever Always will FINALLY come out. I looked back through my blog and from what I can work out, I started writing it in September 2007 (I workshopped the first chapter as part of my Masters in early October), and it's publication date is August 2011. That makes four years. It is a book conjured from a constant series of transformation, and is radically changed in terms of theme and story from the first version though the central character remains the same and it has always had the same voice. I am expecting the copyedit in the next week. As the publication date draws closer watch out for some excerpts here on the blog. I don't mind saying that I am really happy with this novel.I have even composed a piece of music for it. The magical object in the book is a music box (actually two: the thing itself and the shadow of the thing). I am not sure what to do with the music however! I suppose a book trailer might be in order.

As for what I'm working on now:

I successfully applied for a Vic Arts grant last year, so for the first half of this year I will be writing short stories, which will hopefully elegantly link up to become a novel as one character - a four year old girl - will have a narrative arc, her character developing through the other characters' eyes. Yeah, well. It all sounds great in the application. I went over my application and thought, 'I would like to read that series of linked short stories slash novel.'

Instead I have to write it. Boo.

Still I am glad to have the space and time to develop a feel for short fiction. I have been reading and listening to short stories (remind me to blog about my Audible account sometime), and it's like a waltz, once you get the rhythm, it's not as hard as you'd think.


  1. Congrats!
    How exciting. Even the words "book trailer" sound exciting.

    My blogging has lapsed the past year due to writing a novel (which I'm now letting sit for a while so I can do a 3rd draft with some objectivity - & retaining what remains of my sanity). And, in this writing lacuna, I've considered attempting some short stories so am loving this post. Also love your concept of linked stories (lucky me, I'll get to merely sit back and read it!)

    Listening to short stories sounds a great way to absorb the elegance of rhythm. Just like how your recent immersion into poetry would (I've always thought) assist and inspire one's prose-voice.

    Please do tell about the Audible account thingameejig.

    (& note my blog has moved to

  2. I am so in love with the shadow of a music box. I may swoon and never recover.

  3. How exciting! New book!

    I love the sound of your new project too :-)

  4. When you get your movie rights you know where to come for the music, don'tcha?? xx

  5. How wonderful!!

    Are you going to be teaching this year at all at Melbourne?? Molly would love to catch up with you if you're going to be there ;-)

    ps..your wee boy is adorable
    pps...I was reading the bread and jam entry and Tara literally came up to me at that point and said "Mum can I have bread and jam?" lol..she's going through a bread and jam phase presently :-D