Saturday, March 05, 2011

Romertopf Lasagne

A few years ago Mum gave me her Romertopf (and the very 70s cookbook that went with it). It's so brown. I cooked a chicken in it I think, and then it gathered dust in the cupboard for a while. Anyway, I unearthed it last week after finding this recipe for a lasagne cooked in the Romertopf. You put all the ingredients in uncooked (the white sauce is the same one I always use, a mix of ricotta and an egg which I believe Mum got from a National Microwave cookbook), whack it in the oven. The only slightly complicated step is that, as always with the Romertopf, you have to soak it in cold water for fifteen minutes first, but it doesn't fit in our sink! I did it in the laundry trough, but tge plug didn't quit fit, and the water drained away...not sure how fast, but it must have soaked sufficiently because it all worked out okay.The lasagne was lovely, the girls especially loved it. Because I didn't brown the mince first, the texture was very soft. There was possibly a bit too much cheese (I can't believe I am saying that), next time I'll use a lot less mozzerella. There were lots of leftovers, which means this recipe will be a keeper - I am aware that in the blink of a wink we will have a fifth person eating family meals. The recipe uses fresh lasagne sheets and I prefer dry (more convenient and economical), but I guess you may have to start with a somewhat wetter sauce to use dry pasta.
I am inspired to try some more recipes in it. Perhaps bake a loaf of bread, or make a pudding, or a very autumnal casserole.


  1. I didn't realise there was such a thing as too much cheese.
    I love your romertopf. The lasagne looks So. Good.

  2. I cook in our romertopf every week, I think! It's brilliant for roasts (you can jam lots of vegies in around the meat) and sticky casseroles. I use it for red meat especially.

    Also I regularly make lasagne in it - the kind with plenty of pre-cooked ingredients, I'll admit! but it's great.

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Thanks for trying our lasagne recipe! We love that it save washing up three or four pans at the end of the night. :)

    Hope it's ok to post this - the link in your post isn't quite right, the correct link is here:

    I've never had much luck baking bread in the Romertopf (my bread needs to go into a hot oven, and the R needs to go into a cold one), so I look forward to seeing how your experiments go with that! :)

    Cheers, Celia