Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So on Sunday Only Ever Always was launched into the world with the help of Kate Constable and my lovely girl Fred. Karen from Miscmum put a video of mine and Fred's bit on youtube (apparently it cuts out midthanks, so if you don't see yourself getting bethanked, you can be assured that YOU did, of course YOU did, YOU were integral to the whole business.) Readings were wonderful hosts. Every time I turned around I saw another lovely face of someone I really like, friends, families, writers, readers. It was a WHOLE ROOM full of people I really liked. So worth doing, for that reason alone. I haven't had a wedding (or an engagement party or a kitchen tea whatever that is) and having Christmas birthdays, Martin and I don't throw many parties. So it was actually really nice and a little unusual, just to see all these people gathered, a crowd made up of likeminded friendly book people, all their for me. *SOB*. And many people who didn't come sent lovely thoughts and messages of support, so all in all I felt...liked. It's a nice feeling.

So, in case you missed it or want to relive the good times:
Kate blogged the launch here
Megs blogged it here
You can read the anatomy of Only Ever Always at Simmone's blog (what a lovely project, how fascinating to till the foundations of people's imaginations)
Misrule reviewed it here
Alphareader reviewed it here
And you can buy it here or here or at your local independent bookseller in Australia and NZ.

And here's the video:


  1. We missed 3 mins out of the total 13 mins you talked, so not too bad.

    Next time I'll not push every button on the camera in panic, thinking I'll miss the start, thus setting the self-timer off (which what happened, I discovered). The camera and I are not completely 'as one' yet ;)

    It was a geat day

  2. Frangipani5:41 PM

    How wonderful to see the video and read all the blogs you linked in. Freddie did a great job and Bob and I were very proud of you both.
    Thanks everyone.

  3. Congrats Penni! Can't wait to read it!

  4. Penni I may write more about this another time if other readings don't interfere - but this book is just wonderful and I think so many adults would be dreadfully jealous of all the young 'uns who get to read this deep, perceptive, powerful little book...it's screaming 'cross-over' at me. Very strong work, ma'am. take a BOW.

  5. Yes congratulations, really looking forward to reading it, too. This sounds like a beautiful book.

  6. Congrats Penni. Lovely to hear you and Fred talking together. Lovely to SEE you x Will get your book on my next visit to Riverbend. I hope it's fabulously successful for you.

    Well done