Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Two Brothers

such wounded funny men such boys
such self-effacing broadfaced fathers
of dark-eyed sons such husbands such friends
with hands that dote that circled their aunts
that brush past at the sink with incidental touch
that hold each other aloft such men
such wounded funny Catholic boys
such tea-drinking on and off the wagon men
such country boys such eager grazers
of the night sky with one collective eye
such moon walkers hand talkers heart warmers
such tall talers such dream sailors
such brothers such boys such men

Month of poetry is on again and I am participating. I treasure the poems I wrote last year, capturing daily life with a six to ten week old baby as well as the older girls. The above was inspired by our company for New Year's Eve. We spend a lovely night in a rambling house in Drysdale in the company of very dear friends and some of their extended family. These brothers are two of five boys, and two of the genuinely kindest and most interesting people I have ever met - I am fascinated by their whole family. The kids had a ball, romping around in the gardens in a massive tribe with two dogs, even Avery had the company of four other babies. It was a wonderful night and a magical start to the New Year. The men got the big telescope out and we all lined up to look at the craters on the yellow edge of the moon and dream ourselves up into the timeless sky.

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  1. I love this, Penni. I know these men, these boys.
    (I'm finally catching up on your poems now I have the internet.)