Sunday, January 06, 2013

Waiting for her

for Penny

Shadow, you have not yours yet
In the twilight in which you dwell
Boundaryless, all things are all things
Your leaking self included
Lightless, you are a weight but you are not yet a solid
Love will breathe you out and look:
All is waiting for you, we’ve laid out a picnic of a world

It’s all shifting leaflight
Summer mornings stretching into long afternoons

Now the days ripen like soft plums
On mornings like this you don’t come, you don’t come.
There’s nothing to do but wait

Yesterdays fold up like paper, yesterday your mother sat on our veranda
Everyone leaning towards the fact of you, the improbable likeliness
That soon you’ll be here, though you are here. The cicadas were singing.

Believe in yourself and we will believe you
Once the shape of you takes shape
Rolling like rain
New to the form life takes.

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