Thursday, January 15, 2015

Early this morning

For my father 

Early this silver morning, birds
Practiced their scales, songs without words.
The four year old got out of bed
padded to our room, and said
'I sleep with you?' Patted my breast,
tried to settle but could not rest.
'Mum?' he whispered, 'why are they for?'
'Hush. Milk for babies, but there's no more.'
He turned his back. He tried his best. He could not sleep.

Same dawn: the nurse pads up the hall
looks up the number, makes the call.
News travels, mother to daughter
drawing me cross land and water
on a silver thread. And now it's night.
By my father's bed there was a light:
a few weeks ago it failed him
he thought his God had come for him.
Now it is done, and someone's come. My father's gone.


  1. So sorry Penni. Your words....feeling all the feels. Much love to you xo

  2. That is so moving - the circle of life. Thinking of you and your family at the passing of your father, Penni.

  3. So sorry for your loss, Penni.

  4. So very sorry to read this, Penni.