Tuesday, January 24, 2017

At any given time what is the weight of the human head?

How long must we carry the precious burden of skull?
The total body mass index of being human
weighs more than you thought it would
the ache of hair pulling on your head
but you mustn’t speak of the pain to anyone.
What is the weight of care? It weighs nothing.
Children are heavier asleep, they care for nothing,
not even sleep. Their heads roll away from you,
though they would be no good to use as bowling balls.
Brains are sort of bouncy, like tofu, weigh a smidge over a kilo.
The brains are hardly the issue here, and doubt
is more of a stomach thing. Necks are the real heroes, 
though we’ll be crushed by gravity in the end.
Anyway, it's a beautiful design flaw. 
Our heads are so heavy but when someone enters the room, 
we look up.