Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Australian Writer's Marketplace

Click here to check out the new website for the Australian Writer's Marketplace, who have been around for years in book form, up to their 8th edition I think of a bumper book of publishers, magazines, competitions and other opportunities for writers in Australia. You can sign up for the free newsletter or get a paid subscription to find out about a wide range of publishing opportunities. They also have a blog called Speakeasy, which is still all new and fresh looking.

A good prod about the site will show that they are hosting an online writing festival. If you're not published and would like to be, or even if you are and have only a writer's understanding of the literary world, it looks like a good line up. I'm particularly intererested in Miss Snark whose blog is immensely useful and interesting. Plus how does someone with a surname like November end up being an editor and not a writer? It's a crying shame. Here's the scoop:

Online Writing Festival
13 November: Australia's biggest Online Writing Festival. Featuring authors John Marsden, Matthew Reilly and Kate Forsyth, as well as NY literary agent Miss Snark, Orbit Editorial Director Darren Nash, UK agent Rosemary Canter, and Penguin US editor Sharyn November.

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