Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not Funny Me

I rode up a hill today which makes me not funny (have you ever noticed how people who exercise a lot have no sense of humour?). Anyway, in lieu of me being funny here's someone else who is. You'll learn something too (I'm not sure what) about being a better writer.
Now I have to go away and write my noggle (haha, 3 year olds are funny because they can't speak proper).


  1. I think there is a fine balance between funny and fit. I know whenever my yoga teacher has had us do namaste "prayer position" and then says "release the hands" I always want to cry "release the hounds!" ala Mr Burns!!! But I tend to refrain because we are all serious and zen. But who could deny that being able to put your ankles behind your ears ISN'T freakin funny?!!

  2. You were the exception to the rule I thought of when I posted this.