Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I don't know if I'm the last person in the blogosphere to discover threadless, a designer t-shirt site where new designs are submitted and voted on and then, if they are loved, made into men's, women's and kids t-shirts. There's text ones too:

There's other stuff to do too, if you are in need of an obsession. You can vote on tees, you can comment on the designs of tees being voted on, you can send in photos of you wearing your tees, you can submit designs or text, you can look at sold out and retired tees and mourn their loss. Anyway, it's a fun site and some of the designs are really beautiful (I'm a v-neck girl, but I may yet go to the dark side...bummer that the interpretive dance one is sold out).


  1. isn't that first one beautiful? i came across that site a while ago but haven't had a proper look, are there no scoopy next styles? bum bum. I'm the same as you. high necks are shocking on me too.

  2. hah! i just ordered that top one this morning!

    i love threadless. you can subscribe to get all the new designs emailed to you.

    this is my favourite one. i wore it yesterday.

  3. Oh lili, I love that one! I'm buyin' it for Fred (And if it's on your kids you can look at it more).
    I've been subscribing for a couple of weeks. I even gave them my real email address (instead of my competition entering, spam a gogo address).

  4. Jo, they do hoodies. I can just about cope with high neck hoodies.

  5. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I had seen the site before but had never had never perused the site much until I followed your link.
    I've just bought 3 tees ;-) 2 for moi and 1 for my uncle. I'm a wee bit paranoid that they won't fit but we shall wait and see.
    Jacq x