Monday, July 30, 2007


I finally read Specials, pretty much started the second I closed Harry, but didn't get a chance to finish until today. Of the trilogy Uglies is definitely my favourite. Having said that, I love that it's a trilogy. Structurally I also love that there's (hope this isn't spoilery, but feel free to stop reading) a kind of motif of repetition throughout the series, very loopy (and not in the crazyla-la sense but in the circular narrative sense) and satisfying.

Can't wait to read Extras. hereandnow mentioned it in the comments the other day (I heart delurkers), but I had to finish Specials before I could read the extremely spoilerific synopsis on Scott's website. It sounds totally awesome, and like it touches on some new themes. And Scott gets extra points for having excellent titles. I love a one-worder myself, as you all might know.

In other news, my advance copies of the Aussie Chomp I wrote for Penguin, Josie and the Michael Street Kids (my first foray into a multiword title), arrived and it's gorgeous, the colours are bright and vivid, very cheery.

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