Sunday, July 29, 2007

Una is walking!

Hooray! She spent most of her day on her feet today, so I think we can officially say once and for all, Una is walking. And she's "only" 22 months young (she'll be two in September).

In other news, I read Harry Potter, pretty much in one sitting yesterday while I was sick in bed. Ate it for breakfast, lunch and tea and double helpings of dessert. Delicious. Have all sorts of spoilery criticisms but feel like it's just too bad fairy who wasn't invited to the christening to write them here, when I actually had so much fun reading it. So I am happy to just say it was great and leave it at that. If anyone really wants to know my grumbles, they are welcome to email me at penni[dot]russon[at]gmail[dot]com

And finally put photos on flickr today of the holiday. Go and soak up the warm. Fred asked if we could go back today. Sounds nice.

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  1. Oh Phew! Una Una Una, from way early rolling to late walking .. I'm glad you're not following any guidelines my dear, keep it up :)
    How do you get to spend all day reading? Do you have a soundproof cellar for husband and children?

  2. Martin - bless him - kept them away from the bedroom. I lay in bed and he brought me drinks and fortifying snacks. I did have a sore throat, swollen glands and headache so it was semi-legitimate bed riddedness.
    As far as noise goes, I have an uncanny ability to read with the world falling in around me - much to the utter disgust and perpetual annoyance of everyone who has ever lived with me. I honestly don't hear anything anyone says to me, though they are sure I am deliberately ignoring them. This skill doesn't extend to children literally throwing themselves between me and the book or standing on my head unfortunately.

    I know, Una, what an odd child. Spoke her first sentence when she was 11 and a half months old ('I want a bikky' closely followed a few days later with "I want a bath") but was still mostly commando crawling (by choice) at nearly 18 months. I keep waiting for her to decide not to walk after all, I wouldn't put it past her.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    What great pics! So glad you had a beach holiday, looks like much fun was had especially the lying-in-bed-reading part. xx

  4. Palm Cove looks gorgeous, I love the photos of Fred & Martin walking along together, they are just beaming.

    You all look so happy and relaxed, I hope the mood continues now you are home in Melbourne.

    Yay to Una walking, she wasn't like everyone else, she just needed to find her own feet in her own time. Who wants a child who is normal :P

    Hope your feeling better soon Penn xx

  5. What a beautiful girl! I love that first pic especially. Just Gorgeous. (And, although I'm not a girly girl, when I say that I mean it!) ;)

    It might be a bit late but I think I'm going to have to get around to reading Potter. I'm feeling a bit out of the loop lately - esp on the blogosphere!
    They're worth reading... yes?

  6. Eleanor, she's not a girly girl either, which I think is what happens when you call your daughter Fred.

    Are they worth it? Yeah I think so, if only so truly appreciate all the pop-cultural references - they're a big part of the collective intertext now. Plus Hermione rocks.

  7. Yay for Una!!! She just needed to spend some more time contemplating the notion of having to conform along with everyone else :-)

    ps..I've been blogging on my blogger lately rather than my lj and I did get your email re: keeping kids amused on the plane. Just keep forgetting to reply!