Monday, October 15, 2007


So on Thursday we are moving house. Tis done. Settlement went through last Tuesday, the key arrived in the mail on Wednesday. I have the odd fluttery 'what have we done?' moment, but that is part of my decision-making process, sometimes I have that feeling when I'm making dinner, or at the video store. Ah but seriously. We are beginning to realise just what a treechange we're up for. Yesterday Martin went up to scrub the bathroom ceiling (as you do) and clear out the leftover porn (porn bloopers...?! What is WITH that?) and as he wandered round the house noticed a distinct absence of mailbox. Turns out, according to the friendly neighbours (who have smallish children - hurrah!), that there is no mailbox because there is no mail. We have to go to the local general store/PO to pick it up (which actually sound kind of fun, check back with me on this next July). There's also no gas service (boohoo) which means electric cooker - I am in mourning. Tank water. Bushfires (eek - must back up photos and files and learn to flee with gay abandon...I mean -ahem - stay and fight like a man). Cockies and parrots and kookaburras just hang out, eyeing you, as if you might be a tasty snack. We are yet to see a kangaroo or any other land dwelling critter.

So all those things I meant to get done before moving (writing my Harry Potter speech, the other half of my thesis, a couple of novels, take Fred to the museum and zoo) I have until Thursday to do. Along with packing, teaching a class tomorrow and returning all my library books. Unread of course. Sigh.


  1. Eeep. Yes, even in Wattle Glen my mum has no gas. Tank Water? Only? Really? That may be tougher.
    Friendly neighbours with children sounds fantastic.
    What a fantastic change, you'll love it.

  2. Can you get gas bottles and a gas cook top for your cooking only??

    How exciting! I still think that the house you've chosen. The area. It's all very you and Martin and the girls. You're going to love it. Keep an eye out for kangaroos and other such critters at dusk..this is when they appear.

  3. Mum and Dad used to have gas bottles so it's one of the things we might do after all the other things. There's quite a lot of things. Sigh.
    Yep, only tank water, though we have three tanks and they're all full at the moment.
    Thanks for your good words, very brave-making and bolstering.

  4. so soon! the year is just fleeing past, isn't it? No time for a Ceres playdate now, but maybe Grace and I can come and visit your bushy spendour sometime.

    It'll be great up there I'm sure.

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    If it is any consolation I felt nothing but envy when I read your post.

  6. I was also going to mention the dusk and dawn thing about yer wildlife.

    And ditto with the envy. With the initial shock and pressure of the move subsiding, I'm sure you'll find it a refreshing change.

    On a purely selfish note, you're closer to us and that is a good, good thing.

  7. You'll be fine with the tank water. We've lived that way a few times and it's quite doable.
    Gas bottles are definitely a workable option too.
    Dying to come and check it out....lunch at the pub?

  8. When I moved here, the previus owner forgot to cancel his 'pornmail subscription'.

    Although he must have missed it and remembered, as we only got the two issues. Yuk.