Thursday, October 16, 2008

So what do you know?

a) a recession
b) not a recession
c) a recession
d) not a recession

Stocks are
a) up
b) down
c) up
d) down
(tip - answer this one quickly before everything changes again)

It's the worst day on the stockmarket since:
a) 1929
b) 1987
c) stocks were invented
d) the day before yesterday which was the worst day since Friday

It's all the fault of
a) fatcat executives with their overblown salaries
b) subprime mortgages
c) single mothers, teenagers, ethnic minorities, people who vote green and families with more than two less than two no children
d) George Bush (pick me! pick me!)

Kevin Rudd is:
a) saying 'oh bother'
b) giving out free money
c) Santy Claus

The Australian dollar is worth
a) .66 US Dollars
b) .383 British Pound Sterling
c) a handful of seashells

We're all going to
a) spiral towards oblivion, crashing and burning in the environmental and social disaster that is capitalism
b) live in tent cities eating bootlace soup
c) keep spending money like there's no tomorrow, but only on essentials like plasma tvs and Queensland holidays
d) get bloody sick of being manipulated by the media
e) plug in our ipods, put on our pretty sequined blinkers, and plant a few more veggies in the garden


  1. Don't worry. Santos *cough* Obama will fix everything.

  2. Miss, I'd like to buy your bootlace soup!

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Oh, perfect. Exactly the right balance and making me sick over all this bad news...and making me actually laugh. :)

  4. So true, so very true.

    Can I start crying now?



  5. Bloody brilliant post Penni!!

    I've almost given up on following the 'crisis'. I think I'll just wait and see how/if it ends...