Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog of Plenty

You have all given me lots of ideas about blogging and for that I thank you. I am going to try and do them all.

In the meantime you can read me over here talking about the novels hidden away in my hard-drive. Have I mentioned what a rocking chick Steph is?

And now, without further ado (except the further ado of saying without further ado), the winner of one mint condition copy of Penni Russon's novel, Little Bird, a novel Bookseller and Publishing magazine describe as 'unnerving' (woohoo!), a 'mature text' (woot!) and dealing with a 'vast range of human emotions with integrity and poise'...

(drumroll please)


for his suggestion:


It was hard to choose and I wish I had a book for each of you. But quietness was the right word at the right time.


  1. Haha, I'm a rocking chick.

    It's funny what people call me on their blogs (I mean, they call me nice things). Someone said I was a Creative Powerhouse once. Really, I'm just a little kid sitting at my computer.

    I look forward to you blogging about quietness and all of the other suggestions.

  2. Oh, good one. Even the word "quietness" feels like a relief this morning...

  3. Wow! I've never won anything for skill before. And a mint copy of the book is ace. I guess if there's a drumroll for the announcement then I should do a proper acceptance speech:
    [Comes to podium visibly weeping - possibly from the excitement or the sumptuous ceremony 'refreshments'.]
    This really is a victory for the true believers. [Pauses to air punch and let people work out if they're one of the true believers.]
    This award belongs to Anne Lamott, who I paraphrased in the entry. Thanks to Mrs Litchfield, my Year 11 English teacher who always told us to write anything as long as we were writing.
    [Celebrity hosts begin to grab at my elbow to drag me off, but fastens grip on podium]
    Ummmm, to those kids who teased me in grade 4 when I did that picture of the solar system that had square planets and ones that were shaped like Fred Flintstone's head - who's laughing now huh? Huh?
    [Security guys come from the wings and forcibly remove - break from security guards to get back to the mic once again]
    Little voices deserve to be heard. Quietness you rule!
    [Security staff apply tazers]