Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Untitled, on account of my condition

I have blogger's block.

I can't think of ANYTHING to blog about. If I was Buffy I would sing: 'Give me something to blog about...'

I need to be reminded of:
The million things or more
I should be blogging for:
All the joy life sends,
Family and friends,
All the twists and bends,
Knowing that it ends...

So I am handing it over to you. You pick the topic, and I'll blog about it. All requests seriously considered.

The best blog topic suggestion as judged by a panel of me and probably my huzzband will win a copy of Little Bird. Winner will be announced on the 23rd June, which gives you a week to think up blogalicious ideas.

Entry open to everyone, those who know me, those who don't, regular readers and people who came here looking for Fifties/Lizard/Car Crash Cake or Cher or "henson storyteller nudity" (ew ew ew - no, you can't enter) or "I like listening to heart beats" (aw, me too. You can enter.) or "turkish delights of apples, blueberries en seaweed" or "melbourne window shopping ha ha" or "sad littles" or "ssh -i" or "sorry my love I'm very busy."*

*On sadness
Sometimes google breaks my heart - the sad and lonely thoughts and questions people type in to their search boxes - searching is a lonely activity, it implies desperation. Searching, what are we searching for? Go try typing the beginning of a question in google and look at the suggestions that come up in the drop down box, there is something utterly plaintive and anguished about all the questions we're asking, and even sadder about the statements and demands we make: how will we die, how to kiss, give me a job, give me an answer, give me money, give me your eyes, find my family, find my past, find my dream girl, am I fat, am I pregnant, am I an alcoholic, am I in love, am I depressed, am I ever going to see your face again. Am I? Will we? Are you afraid of the dark? And there's nobody there to receive those curling question marks. It's love without hope, without object, unrequited searching...
What if we looked and there was nothing there?

Your search - glosobturt - did not match any documents.

Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

Try different keywords.

Try more general k
Keep asking. Don't give up. Ask another question. There are answers here somewhere.


  1. Well I'm keen to have a crack but short on blog-inspiration myself. I blame Twitter, so many tidbits from other people's lives coming at me that may be I can't focus on my own. However.

    Here's my topic: Kindness. Because I like kindness.

  2. This is fun! But I need more time... I have to think...

    I so agree on the Google searching. Fascinating, sometimes horrifying, often sad.

  3. Oh 'triffic.
    I just interviewed this lady who collects lost luggage and then photographs it in an attempt to find the owners. I asked if she ever made characters out of the contents (if you see what I mean). Could make an odd writing prompt: http://hackpacker.blogspot.com/2009/06/is-this-your-luggage-q-with-luna-laboo.html
    I also like kindness. I read a quote recently by Anne Lamott that said somehting like writing should be about giving voice to the quiet things. Perhaps your topic could be quietness - how valuable it is. Or just anything that is 'quiet' that deserves to have noise made about it.
    Okay, that's already too many goes.

  4. How about superstition? My grandmother used to tell us we were all born with a set number of words to speak in our lifetime, and when we'd used up our quota we'd drop dead, so we had to be careful how we used our words (the inference was to be economical with them)... I talk a lot, and every now and then I wonder if I won't drop dead mid-sentence because of this...

  5. What do you see of your childhood self in your own children? What in your own children is far removed from your childhood self?

  6. This is hard because there are too many things I want you to blog about. I have so wanted to say to you - stop twittering and go back to blogging. Or have I already said that??? Here's my list:
    explaining sex to kids - inspired by watching kids crawling all over a sculpture of Leda and the Swan and exclaiming that it was about 'hugs that hurt'
    Things mothers never tell their children
    Why bleak futuristic novels are hell to write
    The thick and the thin lines between fiction and personal experience
    Oh damn. I have to run.. hope you start blogging again soon!

  7. 1. Why do you think that Fred hates Angelina & ballet, while Una doesn't? Do you think that it has much to do with your parenting style changing over time or their innate personalities?

    2. More about Fred and God.

    3. What has surprised you about Fred's first year at school?

    4. Do you have any rituals associated with your writing? If so, how did they develop?

    5. What took you in the direction of writing novels for young people?

    6. What is currently growing in your garden?

    All that said, if you don't feel like blogging, then just take a break. The inspiration will return when you're ready.

  8. One of my favourite blog topics is 'five things I'm grateful for'. Mind you, I never blog it myself, but whenever Constance at Ruminations does, I'm right there.

    But you know, everything you write is magic, Pen.
    Actually - something on being poetry ed for Extempore would be cool, too.

  9. methinks you should blog about ...country life ... the treechange thing ... also, give us eglantine's cake's cultural alphabet ...

  10. School and playing. That's what I like.

    But echoing genevieve, I like whatever you write.

  11. ummm, I'm a bit short of ideas myself but what about "a day in the life of...." start with the literal and mundane and see where it takes you. Or be really writing class and take a picture and start from there?

    Tonight I sat on the bus and watched as the bus driver got out and checked that there were no more people running to catch the bus from the late train - before he set off. I thought that was very kind. Little acts of kindness. Mmm.

    Yes, please blog more. Even if it is about twitter!

  12. I'd actually like to vote for the following from other people's ideas:


    things mothers never tell their children

    What took you in the direction of writing novels for young people?


    Your thoughts on that old chestnut: Can creative writing be taught? If yes, to what extent - what are the limits, and what are the potential benefits - or downfalls - of a course? (If no, I guess, why do you teach it anyway, and does it frustrate you?!)

  13. OR, if you've read it, your thoughts on The Slap. I love discussions about this book - they're always interesting, whether I agree or otherwise.

  14. @ Ariel

    Ooooh The Slap, now there's an interesting book. I had a strong reaction to that one and would love to hear what some others think about it!

  15. and you say you have nothing to blog about...

  16. food!

    actually all these suggestions could keep you going for two months.

    but i remember noticing in breathe a soup that you had also blogged about making. (that's how much of a stalker i am...)

  17. Frangipani5:15 PM

    You won't do it, but you could try Hank Williams just to please me

  18. Ok.. more on the googling thing is what I want you to explore. What is the funniest thing you have stumbled across in your googling? The saddest? W

    hat moved you to google a particular subject that you remember the most that had a profound impact on you?????

    ps..love the other suggestions too. :-)

    pps..I feel as though we haven't connected with one another in AGES! I miss you.

  19. If you're blogstipated, what was that lovely piece on the sadness of google?
    How about a blog on synchronicity, those meaningful coincidences that occur just when we need them most?
    Though to be honest, anything that takes your fancy will be fine with me.

  20. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Google is hilarious, I blush to think of some of the things that I've googled, and of course nothing is private--so you know, I'm sure I'm on some Internet list of crazy ladies.

    I don't have a topic, because if I was creative enough to come up with one I'd probably have a blog! But I love Sif's idea (I'm the holder of many strange superstitions/magical thinking).

    Cheerio (long time reader, don't think I've made with a comment before though!)

  21. Uh-oh, I think it's June 23 there already... But I really like these other ideas in this list of comments, and I would also love to know more about: 1. what you see out your window right now, 2. if you have a favorite item of clothing, and 3. what you think your daughters think about when they look at you...

  22. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Ferntree. Not really one word, but more like two, hence its appeal. Its duality is reflected in its appearance as both plant and tree, its metaphorical suggestion of vital new growth emerging from the wood of experience, and its marker as the place that we both grew up in now old 1980s Hobart.

  23. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Well, yes, it was more like South Hobart (or 'upper' South Hobart if you will) but 'Ferntree' is so much more evocative.