Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gratuitous Beauty

I am searching for birthday presents for Una. Remember how weird and obsessive I am about present buying? How I always want just the right thing? And then talk myself out of buying anything much at all? Anyway, here I am, looking at painfully and gratuitously and for varying reasons unattainably beautiful things on the Splinter-nets. And I thought I would share my painful melancholy yearnings for these platonic ideals with you all. Because I am thoughtful like that.Kitchen toys made out of used olive oil tins by rafinesse and tristesse.

The above dolls house from Hase Weiss (we are into economically sized dolls houses)
And this one below by Jeanette Domeisen
Though I fully acknowledge we ought to be able to make our own version of this, just as this clever person has done (via We Heart Books). In that other spatial dimension where time is like soup (plentiful, easily padded out to go round, and you can store extra in your bread).
I want to live in this playhouse:
And I haven't even started on Etsy.


  1. Gosh you find some lovelies.

  2. Yes, I do this too. We need a support group.

    Also, the closest to the platonic ideal I've ever been is the vanilla slices available in Warburton. Joy.

  3. Gorgeousness. That house though, the price! Eep.
    Check out the Brownstone

  4. Gorgeous. Beautiful enough that even I'd like to play with them.

  5. Oh yes Jo, I saw the Brownstone yesterday here: (site is worth a look if you haven't seen it before)

    and there's this, which is pretty cool:
    They also do a fantastic looking theatre.

  6. I love that open one - what a fantastic idea. Pricy, but CLEVER.

    These are lovely things indeed - 'I came so far for beauty, I left so much behind, my patience and my family, my masterpiece unsigned.'
    Cohen doesn't stop me shopping slowly though, I'm afraid.

  7. Hmmm ... I love the open one too. SO CUTE. Boys don't have such nice presents. It was footy cards, ACDC CDs an iTunes vouchers. And books, of course. Present shopping for Una looks kinda fun.

  8. I love the kitchen toys. True to form because I'm Mrs Boring, I got Una a dress. It's a pretty dress, but it's still the same thing you get every year from us. So sorry in advance for uninspired gift.

  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I was going to suggest the starpad cubby house my son has (cardboard, already cut to size, but without decoration so the kids do that bit) but they seem to have been discontinued. Shame, because everyone who visits is jealous of ours. They're perfect for hiding toys in before landlord inspections for a start.

    Maybe you could collect appropriately sized cardboard for the houses and get wallpaper samples and set the girls up to make their own presents? You know, while you do something else? Alternatively, my neice has a wooden doll's house from lincraft, so it might be worth seeing if they still have them.

    I do like the idea of time being like soup.