Friday, January 10, 2014


It’s 1982 and my dad is watering the lawn
and we’ve had the carport built in,
it’s called the sunroom now and mum buys a second tv
black and white and my sister watches
the world’s richest game show which is also on the
tv in the lounge and my sister calls out
to ask the colour when the car comes on at the end

there are two channels, channel 2 and TVT 6
channel two is play school sesame street
the curiosity show doctor who dr snuggles
and a psychedelic musical filler called the butterfly ball

TVT 6 is sons and daughters days of our lives
the cosby show Judith Sweet and ads
TVT 6 is Fat Cat and Friends and when the music plays
it’s time to get your mum and dad
TVT 6 is Land of the Giants on Saturday arvo
and cricket all summer so you just play outside
but if the test finishes early they play reruns
which are the best the love boat exciting and new

both stations are the news we watch tom payne
at bedtime Rupert Bunny says to all little children good night


  1. Wonderful as always Pen. It's great to see Judith Sweet make an appearance in poetry too...