Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mad Rush

Lines written after listening to the piano music of Phillip Glass, played by Sally Whitwell

1. opening
there is space between colour
the aperture opens


2–6. metamorphosis
she is the road home
the tail lights of strangers
the surge of hills
the deepening sky

she is the garden party
ferns outstretching
to reveal a beautifully kept lawn
the guests are beginning to arrive

she is the glass of water
in the darkened apartment
in the tiltshift city

she is the dance of the circus horse
and the fall

she is the listening silence
drawn from memory

7. mad rush
this is a poem
it says it is and
it is

8. dead things
this is also a poem
it can ask nothing of you
that you are not willing to give

don’t be frightened

9. wichita vortex sutra
the bus bleeds between stations
light smears on dirty glass
there’s an old man on the back seat
making music with himself
she leans into the silence
makes a kindly joke
at nobody’s expense

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