Friday, June 02, 2006

A little personal blog tour
So anyway, I am slowly reaching out into the world of blogs.
I started, as many do with  loobylu a fantastic Melbourne based craft-blogger who makes, amongst other things, really gorgeous soft toys.
I then ventured off from her site, finding an amazing array of other incredibly gifted souls. Somehow I wended my way here Wardrobe Refashion and since doing so have taken the pledge - I will buy no new manusfactured clothes for 4 months. This will be a piece of cake since I can't sew, can knit in a straight line (sometimes) and don't know how to cast off (so will knit forever) and have no 'stash' to speak of (this is a term pertaining to the many accumualted materials sewing and knitting types seem to store under their beds, not a drug euphemism, though I have none of that sort either, cos drugs are bad mmkay?). Anyway. I shall try it out.
Lastly I wandered into sarsaparilla which is a endlessly interesting australian based literary blog with all sorts of fabulous people.
And I've also been knitting. I am a busy mcbee.
Now the brave part - to press publish post and see if all my html links have worked...fingers crossed...


  1. Loobylu and the wardrobe one worked, but I can't get the sarsparilla thingie to show up.

    PS. Hello! Was this your first post? Welcome.

  2. Oooh thanks Suse, fixed now :)