Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sockalicious (slow news day)
I'm thinking of attempting one of these: Sock Dog for Una Pearl (but maybe linking to it is enough to satisfy my possessive urges). I went to Craft Victoria yesterday and saw among other very cool things these which I had only recently been looking at online. I was thrilled to find them, they're so gorgeous. I love knitted Yoda. I have secret fantasies of making something similar - it's the big head small body thing that really appeals I think.
It's not instead of writing, honest. I'm in serious thinking mode at the moment, I am banning myself from writing until I have finished plotting, the novel keeps meandering off into it's own errant direction and I've decided it's time for some tough love. If it was a child it would go to its room.
Anyway, I should start my Saturday. We're going to my best friend Zoe's house for an unpicnic today (in her house, we will probably sit on chairs, Fred will not sit).
Fred listened to classical music all night (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra) so no doubt will be able to solve complex algebraic equations and recognise flash cards of the outer solar system today. She is currently reading a map.

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